CCC Level Question Paper With Answer in English

CCC Level Question Paper With Answer – Read Most Important +27 CCC Level Question Paper With Answer in English for CCC Level Exams. 2023-2024.

Q.1 Which of the following is NOT an option provided by the email client for replying to an email?
Ans A. Forward Email
B. Reply
C. Forward to All
D. Reply to All
Answer – C. Forward to All

Q.2 Which of the following statements is/are true?
i) TELNET is used for remote login over the internet.
(ii) A computer connected to the internet has an IP address.
Ans A. Only (ii)
B. Both (i) and (ii)
C. Only (i)
D. Neither (i) nor (ii)
Answer – B. Both (i) and (ii)

CCC Question Paper With Answer

Q.3 Identify whether the given statements are true or false.
(i) The Linux operating system was developed by Microsoft Corporation.
(ii) Windows 10 provides Graphical User Interface and multitasking capability to users.
Ans A. (i) False (ii) False
B. (i) True (ii)-True
C. (i) False (ii) True
D. (i) True (ii) False
Answer – C. (i) False (ii) True

Q.4 Which of the following views of an MS-PowerPoint 2019 presentation is used to change the
design and layout to customise the look of your presentation as a printed handout?
Ans A. Handout Master
B. Slide Sorter
C. Notes Master
D. Slide Master
Answer – A. Handout Master

Q.5 Which of the following statements is/are FALSE?
i) Mosaic was a graphical web browser.
(ii) Tim Berners-Lee is said to be the father of WWW.
Ans A. Only (i)
B. Neither (i) nor (ii)
C. Both (i) and (ii)
D. Only (ii)
Answer – B. Neither (i) nor (ii)

Q.6 Which of the following is a computer chip powered by a battery and contains so-called
‘flexible information’ such as the type of hard drive your computer is using and the current
date and time?
Ans A. Flash
C. Cache
D. Random Access Memory
Answer – B. CMOS

Q.7 Which of the following is unsolicited email you receive that you do not want, or did not ask
for, and is sent by someone you do not even know?
Ans A. Sent mail
B. Draft
C. Favourite
D. Spam
Answer – D. Spam

Q.8 Web pages are connected to each other by means of:
Ans A. edges
B. nodes
C. Wi-Fi
D. hyperlinks
Answer – D. hyperlinks

Q.9 Which of the following email address fields contains a summary of the content and should
always be used, but is not mandatory while composing email?
Ans A. To
B. Content
C. Subject
D. From
Answer – C. Subject

Q.10 How will the text ‘Exam’ appear in an MS-Word 2019 document when the toggle case option is applied to it?
C. ExAm
D. eXaM
Answer – B. eXAM

Q.11 With reference to MS-Word 2019, which of the following statements is FALSE?
Ans A. A single document cannot have both, Roman and Arabic numerals as page numbers.
B. Headers helps you to repeat content at the top of every page.
C. Page numbers can appear either at the top or bottom of every page.
D. Footers help you to repeat content at the bottom of every page.
Answer – A. A single document cannot have both, Roman and Arabic numerals as page numbers.

Q.12 Which of the following statements with reference to icons in a graphical user interface based operating system is FALSE?
Ans A. They represent links to the resources on PC or network.
B. They are also called menus.
C. They are small pictograms displayed on the desktop.
D. They are tiny graphical symbols that represent programs, files, folders, printers, documents, etc.
Answer – B. They are also called menus.

Q.13 In MS-PowerPoint 2019, selecting a slide and pressing Ctrl + D will:
Ans A. delete the slide
B. rename the slide
C. print handout of the slide
D. duplicate the slide
Answer – D. duplicate the slide

Q.14 Which of the following is NOT a web browser?
Ans A. Chrome
B. Bing
C. Internet Explorer
D. Firefox
Answer – B. Bing

Q.15 Which of the following is a great way to save and organise websites so that you can revisit them in Internet Explorer?
Ans A. Settings
B. Downloads
C. Favorites
D. History
Answer – C. Favorites

Q.16 Which of the following represents the way slides change in a slide-show in MS-PowerPoint 2019?
Ans A. SmartArt
B. Notes Master
C. Slide Master
D. Slide Transition
Answer – D. Slide Transition

Q.17 What is the default orientation of an MS-Excel 2019 worksheet?
Ans A. Landscape
B. Portrait
C. Horizontal
D. Hanging
Answer – B. Portrait

Q.18 Which of the following is a markup language?
Ans A. Java
C. Python
D. C
Answer – B. XML

Q.19 Which of the following E–governance services provides a single platform for all Indian citizens to access PAN India services?
B. Reservation
D. Digital locker
Answer – A. UMANG

Q.20 The collection of consecutive cells either from left to right or from top to bottom or both in MS-Excel 2019 is called:
Ans A. cell range
B. notification area
C. table
D. formula
Answer – A. cell range

Q.21 When the MS-Excel 2019 application is opened, what is the default screen that is visible called?
Ans A. Database
B. Document
C. Table
D. Worksheet
Answer – D. Worksheet

Q.22 Which of the following statements is/are true?
i) Tracert is a command to show the details of the path from your computer to the specified computer.
(ii) Browsing is the act of looking through a set of information quickly on WWW.
Ans A. Neither (i) nor (ii)
B. Only (ii)
C. Only (i)
D. Both (i) and (ii)
Answer – D. Both (i) and (ii)

Q.23 The newer versions of MS-Word (e.g., Word 2016) saves a document with the _ extension by default.
Ans A. .doc
B. .dotm
C. .dcox
D. .docx
Answer – D. .docx

Q.24 Many universities within a country can be linked together through a __.
Ans A. MAN
Answer – D. WAN

Q.25 Sales analysis calculations are done in which of the following sectors?
Ans A. Insurance
B. Business
C. Education
D. Banking
Answer – B. Business

Q.26 Which of the following commands is used to open an MS-Word application?
Ans A. WinWord.exe
B. MS-Word.exe
C. Word.exe
D. Win.exe
Answer – A. WinWord.exe

Q.27 Which of the following keys is used to select rows of an MS-Excel 2019 worksheet that are
not in continuous range?
Ans A. Alt + Shift
B. Ctrl
C. Shift
D. Alt
Answer – B. Ctrl

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