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LDC Previous Question Papers – Download the Lower Division Clerk Question Papers With Answers in PDF format from exam phase dot com. We have shared the link to the PDF of the LDC question paper below.

Exam Name – Lower Division Clerk (LDC)

Topic: NWDA_LDC_J21_GK
Topic: NWDA_LDC_J21_QA
Topic: NWDA_LDC_J21_LR
Topic: NWDA_LDC_J21_HIN_P1
Topic: NWDA_LDC_J21_HIN_P2

ldc previous question papers and answers

Who among the following was the Prime Minister of England when India was given independence?

  1. Mountbatten
  2. Churchill
  3. Tony Blair
  4. Attlee
    Correct Answer :- Attlee

The Planning Commission was established in which of the following year?

  1. 1934
  2. 1970
  3. 1950
  4. 1920
    Correct Answer :- 1950

On which of the following day is National Safety Day celebrated?

  1. 4 March
  2. 5 April
  3. 6 Jan
  4. 7 Dec
    Correct Answer :- 4 March
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